Collaborative robots pneumatic grippers

Collaborative robots contributes to improved work with pneumatic grippers!

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    We need an easy to use gripper!
  • Problem 02
    The size is too large and cannot be mounted!
  • Problem 03
    It is difficult and time-consuming to replace!

Product features

Simple, compact and lightweight

Operating by air pressure requires no electrical knowledge, making it is easier to handle as it is smaller and lighter than the electric grippers. It is also easy to maintain and is robust. This makes it easy to attach to the extremities of collaborative robots that has weight restrictions.
The directional control valve can be switched to open/close, and the gripping force can be set by adjusting the regulator. The gripping speed can be adjusted with the speed adjustment knob.

Safe and user-friendly design

The design takes safety into consideration, just like cooperative robots working on the same line as the operator.
The body is made of highly safe resin and has a rounded shape with no protrusions or edges. 360° visible indicator lamps are used to check operation at a glance. The cushioning effect and push-back mechanism prevents mechanical damage even if a finger or other object is accidentally caught in the cushion.
In addition, even in the event of a power failure or other emergency stop, as long as air is flowing, the gripper will continue to grip the workpiece and will not drop, ensuring a high level of safety.

Replace grippers without tools

Since the flange is common to all 3 series, the gripper can be replaced without a tool when replacing with another series product.

Product development tailored to your working environment and applications

Three types are available: a compact body that does not interfere with the robot's trajectory, a long stroke type with a low-profile shape that reduces body height, and three-way finger ideal for transporting cylindrical or round parts.
In addition, we support the following manufacturers' cooperative robot.
・OMRON Corporation
・YASKAWA Electric Corporation
・Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
・JAKA Robotics
・Techman Robot

Series Lineup

Compact type RLSH Series

A compact type that does not interfere with the course of the robot's movements.
Ideal for conveying thin and small workpieces.

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Long stroke type RHLF Series

Thin shape with height kept low.
Ideal for conveying long (wide) workpieces in the stroke direction.

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3-way finger type RCKL Series

3-way finger type that can be held with 3 fingers.
Ideal for round and cylindrical workpieces.

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