Low pressure loss, large flow rates and space saving

Modular coolant valve GCVE2 / GCVSE2 Series

Reduces piping man-hours, saves space, and compactly configures the coolant line.
Modularization reduces pressure loss and achieves a large flow rate.

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    There is no space for multiple coolant piping!
  • Problem 02
    A coolant line is needed!


Modularized coolant valve saves space

The manifold body functions as a header, and piping such as tee, nipple, and union are not required.

Easy to expand stations

Modular connection is possible using one hexagonal (Allen) wrench (up to 5 stations). Modules are sealed with connection O-rings and fixed with hexagon socket head cap screws, enabling design changes to be supported.

Piping size can be changed to match the coolant flow rate

OUT port piping sizes of 15A-40A are available and can be selected according to the flow rate. Modules can also be configured by mixing piping sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the coolant pressure be controlled?

    Yes, it is possible to control the pressure by installing a CPD Series pressure switch for coolants.
  • If the coolant is made in modules, won't it be heavy and difficult to transport when the equipment is installed?

    No, it is not difficult. Although it is heavy, it can be easily transported with the eye bolt mounting holes installed for safety.


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