Contributes to improved workability and reduced tact time.

Check valve for liquids CCN Series

Prevents dripping by completely stopping the liquid

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    Liquid dripping from the nozzle slows the transfer to the next process!
  • Problem 02
    Liquid dripping cannot be stopped due to inclusion of foreign material!


Smooth transition to the next process by stopping the nozzle completely.

Check valve prevents dripping and improves discharge response by retaining liquid in the pipe. Keeps the work environment clean and does not contaminate tools and workpieces that you do not want to taint.

Resistant to foreign matter

The spring sliding part is isolated from the flow path, preventing malfunctions due to foreign matter. The seal material is a special FKM (fluoro-rubber), which is compatible with coolants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the discharge angle of the CCN series be adjusted?

    The nozzle type is adjustable in a range of ±30°.
  • Is it possible to install nozzles from other manufacturers?

    Yes, it is possible. Male and female threads are available for OUT side connection, allowing support for screws of various standards. (R, Rc, NPT, G)


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