Contribute to the sustainable society with food packaging technology

MAP blister packaging machine/Paper blister pack/V-PAK

Sustainable! Turn-key solution from molding the plastic cup to packaging in food packaging process.

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    Reduce the usage of plastic
  • Problem 02
    Longer life of packed food
  • Problem 03
    Easier opening of food pack by children & elder people

To solve the problems

Reducing the use of plastic by inline paper blister pack with paper cup used

・Easier separation of packaging materials can realize the recycling & specific material collection
・Realize the performance of sealing, heat resistance & cold resistance same as plastic cup
・Reduce the risk of containing the dust/foreign materials by turn-key process
・Realize the lower O2 concentration with the productivity remained

Contribute to the longer life time of packed food with MAP blister of turn-key solution from N2 filling to packaging process

・Prevent the oxidation of food with inert gas, such as N2, filled
・All in one system of producing N2 gas & packaging
・Realize the lower O2 concentration with the productivity remained

V-PAK, one click open by fingers & everybody can open the package easier

・The package is designed to open easily for anybody
・Boil and/or steam disinfected last the packed food longer
・Can be used various application, example for mixing 2 kinds of dressing or seasoning
・Can be design the suitable shape of cup and opening depending on the contents

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the food packaging machine?

    Turn-key process of molding the rolled plastic film, dispensing the content, sealing the cup & punching the final product.

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  • What is the feature of food packaging machine?

    Can be used for various food packaging & sanitary daily goods since the cup holder can be molded into various shape. All the materials, such as lubricant, & parts, such as CKD pneumatic componts complied with FDA, in the machine is food grade .
  • What kind of product can be packed?

    Below product is available. Food: Jelly, Jam, Liquid sugar, Honey, Condensed liquid(Coffee, Seasoning) Jelly beans Goods: Scotch tape, Taping, Nail cutter Sanitary: Tooth brush, Mouth wash
  • Is environmentally friendly?

    Packaging material can be used paper & biomass plastic, which reduces the usage of plastic & contribute to carbon neutral society.


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