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By preventing the drippings of coolants, cleaning liquids, cooling water, etc., a smooth transition to the next process becomes possible. As a result, a contribution to improved workability and reduced tact time is achieved. The nozzle has been compactly integrated into the check valve. We have OUT side connections lined up including nozzles, and male/female threads for various applications.
Steam sterilization specifications compliant with the Food Sanitation Act have been added as an option.

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【Improved workability】
Stops precisely and continues to the next process smoothly, contributing to improved workability and tact time.

【Resistant to Foreign Matter】
The spring and main valving element are not in the flow path while the coolant is passing, and thus problems due to catching foreign matter and clogging are minimized.

【Injection Direction Adjustment Function】
The direction of the discharge outlet is easily adjustable.

【Long service life】
Due to the O-ring sealant and metal touch structure, we have realized long-lasting internal sealing performance.

【A wide range of connection options】
Male and female threads now available for the OUT side,
Rc,NPT andG.
The thread can be freely selected to match thenecessary situation.

[Food Sanitation Act Compliance Option]
Optional addition of steam sterilization specifications (up to 130°C 20min steam).
Liquid contact: Food Sanitation Law Compliant Rubber Material (FKM) + Stainless Steel

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