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Ejector system

Ejector unit (10.3 mm width)

Model No.

Compact ejector unit that achieves high speed and stable response.
Compact and lightweight, with height dimension especially compact.
[Nozzle diameter] 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 (mm)
[Intake flow rate] 2 to 9.5 (L/min (ANR))

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (post-process)

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[Compact and lightweight]
Ideal for restricted mounting space.
Product height is reduced.

[Fast and stable response]
Adopts a direct acting valve for the main valve to realize high-speed and stable response.
(ON/OFF = 5 mm/sec or less)

[Four types of pressure sensors]
Four types of analog output are available for the pressure sensor.

Model No. Product name Nozzle diameter Remarks
VSN-HSingle unit/high vacuum/medium flow rateφ0.4, φ0.5, φ0.6
VSN-ESingle unit/high vacuum/low flow rateφ0.4, φ0.5, φ0.6
VSNM-HManifold/high vacuum/medium flow rateφ0.4, φ0.5, φ0.6
VSNM-EManifold/high vacuum/low flow rateφ0.4, φ0.5, φ0.6
VSNM-ZManifold/mix specifications-

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