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Air operated valves (cylinder valves)

Diaphragm cylinder valve

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It is a clean-room air operated valve that supports port sizes of Rc3/8 to 1 and separates the flow path part and drive part. It supports a variety of fluids with the selected body diaphragm material.


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By separating the sliding part from the flow path, a clean flow path is ensured without using grease.
Supports metal-free usage.

[Supports multiple fluids]
It can control various fluids from general fluids to nitrogen gas and pure water depending on the body material (PPS resin/stainless steel) and diaphragm material (PTFE/EPDM) selected.

[Large flow rate/compact body]
The flow path structure with low pressure loss supports a large flow rate with a compact body.

[Flow rate adjustment]
The flow rate can be adjusted with the optional manual flow adjustment mechanism.

All models are products which are not subject to the Export Trade Control Order.

Model No. Product name Port sizeBody materialDiaphragm material Remarks
LAD1NCRc3/8 to 1PPS/stainless steelPTFE/EPDM
LAD2NORc3/8 to 1PPS/stainless steelPTFE/EPDM
LAD3Double actingRc3/8 to 1PPS/stainless steelPTFE/EPDM

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