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Nitrogen gas extraction unit

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It easily separates and purifies the high-purity nitrogen necessary for oxidation-proof and explosion-proof applications from compressed air. Horizontal installation is now available with the added flexibility in installation. Furthermore, a wide range of nitrogen concentration is available from 90% to 99.9%. The optimum model is selected from the 17 flow rates and 25 model lineup, and the nitrogen supply state can be constantly monitored with an inline oxygen sensor and flow meter.

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[Improved flexibility in installation and design]
Horizontal installation is now available. Improved ease of use, including installation in dead space and being built into equipment.

【Expanded concentration range】
The nitrogen concentration range is now available from 90%.
It is easy to use for low nitrogen-containing applications.

[Easy purification]
Easily purifies nitrogen gas without using a cylinder or large equipment. Generates a nitrogen-enriched gas by utilizing a hollow fiber separation membrane that easily transmits oxygen.

[More compact and convenient through 3 reductions]
Reduced piping: Long piping work is unnecessary since it can be installed near equipment.
Reduced processes / space: We propose the optimum system according to the required flow rate. Contributes to reduced procedures and space.

[Easy maintenance]
The cylinder does not need remaining amount management, replacement, or refilling.
The only required maintenance cost is electricity for the air compressor.
Component replacement is possible without disassembling the piping.

[Rich Lineup]
Optimal models can be selected from a total of 25 types.

[Easy flow rate monitoring]
A lineup of NSU dedicated flow rate sensors. Nitrogen gas flow rates can be monitored constantly.

[Oxygen concentration sensor connection ]
Inline Oxygen Monitor PNA Series can be connected.

Model No. Product name Nitrogen concentration (%)Output nitrogen (99%) flow rate (L/min) Remarks
NSU-FP1System type95 to 99.95 to 107
NS-FP2Membrane module95 to 99.95 to 535.2

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