To Solve These Problems

PowerArm helps you lift heavy items in the following situations!

Assistance process for multi process

A workpiece (30 kg) is fed into multiple machine tools for machining on a high-mix, small-lot line.

  • Before

    Experiencing any of the following problems?

    Multi-model small lot line, so various workpieces must be carried.

    The workpieces must be carried to multiple processes.

    This is heavy-duty work and limited to a select number of people who can handle it.

    There is a risk of accidentally dropping the workpiece and causing injury.

  • After

    When the PowerArm is introduced...

    The tray-type attachment enables lifting without being affected by the workpiece.

    The dolly type attachment can also be used for heavy-duty work in other processes.

    By easing the heavy-duty work, now anyone can handle the work.

    The risk of dropping workpieces is reduced by using an assistive device to transport the workpiece.


Work weight
3 cycles/day
Extension arm +ø100+φ125
Tray with rollers
Additional specifications
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