To Solve These Problems

PowerArm helps you lift heavy items in the following situations!

Support for automotive assembly

Assembling parts in an automobile assembly line.
Heavy parts are mounted by two people.

  • Before

    Experiencing any of the following problems?

    No overhead assistive devices or the like can be used due to issues with work process or space.

    Work must be done by two people.

    Lower back pain caused by working in an awkward position.

    Because of the line flow, a permanent assistive device cannot be used.

  • After

    When the PowerArm is introduced...

    The PowerArm allows assistive motion from the side, reducing the need to work in an awkward posture.

    Installation can now be done with one worker.

    Assembly work can be performed in a safe posture.

    When not in use, the machine can be moved to a position where it does not interfere with the line.


Work weight
300 times/day
ø100 + SCARA arm
Special assembly attachment