To Solve These Problems

PowerArm helps you lift heavy items in the following situations!

Set work to machining center

Set a 30 kg cylindrical workpiece on a processing machine

  • Before

    Experiencing any of the following problems?

    Lower back pain caused by working in an awkward position.

    There is a risk of accidentally dropping the workpiece and causing injury.

    No overhead assistive devices or the like can be used due to issues with work process or space.

  • After

    When the PowerArm is introduced...

    The workpiece can now be set in a safe posture.

    The PowerArm allows assistive motion from the side, reducing the need to work in an awkward posture.

    The risk of dropping workpieces is reduced by using an assistive device to transport the workpiece.


Work weight
60 times/day
Extension arm +ø100
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