Environmental improvement of processing facilities

CKD Komaki Plant


Our factory has equipment that produces product molds in-house. In the past, a 20 kg die was carried on a cart and carried in by two people in a narrow entrance, causing back pain and risk of injury due to falling workpieces.


Two workers needed to carry a 20 kg mold.

In the process of manufacturing dies in-house, a 20 kg die must be carried on a cart and brought in by two people through a narrow input port of the processing machine.
This caused the following problems

・Since it is a two-person operation, we had to look for an available person when necessary.
・The work is difficult to do because it is done in a narrow space.
・The workpiece is difficult to hold, so there is a risk of dropping it.

Since this work must be performed during setup changes, we considered improvement measures to reduce the workload.

Reasons for Adoption

The only balancer that could lift from the bottom-up direction was the PowerArm

A balancer is easy to use because positioning is necessary during setup changes, but other products are not applicable because the processing machine has a roof and it is not possible to work with a top-down motion.

We decided to install the PowerArm for the following reasons
・Because it assists from the bottom-up direction, it can be used comfortably even in places with roofs
・When not in use, it can be folded and placed next to the processing machine, so it does not get in the way.
・We decided to introduce it because it is easy with light operability and smooth movement.

Effects post introduction

Enables single-person operation in a safe posture

By introducing the PowerArm, one person can now transport workpieces in a horizontal motion.
This allows the operator to work in a safe posture, allowing for any worker to do the task with reduced lower back pain and workload.
The fact that it can be folded compactly when not in use and does not interfere with work has been highly praised by on-site personnel.

Overview video