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Air booster

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Generates high pressure air, double the primary pressure without electric power. Contributes to energy savings of the plant by utilizing existing compressed air equipment to boost pressure in areas where it is needed. Long service life components reduce total cost of plant.


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[Long service life]
The design of the packing part of the cylinder has been optimized, and the long service life valve from the 4G Series has been adopted, achieving more than twice the durability of conventional products.

[High reliability]
Stable operation has been achieved by adopting the proprietary technology of our conventional ABP-12 product.

[Low noise]
By eliminating metal collisions, we have realized a 10dB reduction compared to conventional products. *Subject to CKD measurement conditions.

[Flexible mounting in any direction]
Installation according to the layout is possible using brackets. Select from 3 directions for pipe leadout.

[Air tank]
Can be compactly mounted with the air tank.
The air tank can be selected from 2 sizes, 5L and 10L.

Model No. Product name Port size(Rc) Remarks
ABP2-02-HP1 Air booster1/4 (Bottom,Back 1/8)

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