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Sanitary system

Poppet diaphragm valve【Japan only release】

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The diaphragm valve for sanitary and ease of use.
The sealing technology developed for the semiconductor manufacturing process is applied to pharmaceutical and food products, achieving high cleanliness, durability, and maintainability. Ideal for the production process of pharmaceuticals and foods.

  • Purified water production
  • Adjustment
  • Filtration
  • Filling
  • Cultivation
  • Sorting

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[Lightweight and Compact]
Adopts a simple poppet structure, and is even lighter and more compact than the conventional weir diaphragm valve. Contributes to equipment space and energy savings.

[High Durability]
Applying liquid control technology from the semiconductor industry, which requires high cleanliness and durability.
The durability of the diaphragm has been greatly improved from the conventional weir diaphragm valve, and stable operation has been realized for long periods.

The diaphragm can be replaced. Can be easily replaced in a short time, reducing maintenance time.

Model No. Product name Port size Remarks
SPDAir-operated system Poppet diaphragm valve【Japan only release】ISO Ferrule Fitting 8A, 15A

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