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Cylinders with linear guide

High Durability Components HP Series (Environment Resistant) Linear slide cylinder

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High Durability Components HP Series

Symmetrical structure that is drastically lighter and with increased flexibility in design. Cylinder with highly rigid linear guide.
G-HP1: Environment resistant cylinder. The dust-resistant structure is mounted on the cylinder part and the guide part, and the durability under the dust environment has been greatly improved.


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[Long life in harsh environments]
With more than four times the durability and more than 5 million cycles in a dust-proof environment is realized. (Tests based on our terms and conditions)

[Cylinder part]
Dust intrusion prevention and lubrication are improved by a scraper and a lub keeper.

Added seal structure and lubrication mechanism to improve guide durability.

[Stable operation even in harsh worksites]
Tests are carried out in recreated dust environments. The durability and performance are confirmed.

Model No. Product name Bore sizeStroke Remarks
LCR-G-HP1Double acting / high durability, environment resistant (High Durability Component)φ6~φ2510~150

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