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Air Operated Fine pinch valve

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A Fine pinch valve that applies pneumatic technology. Ideal for environments requiring sterilization, such as single-use processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
As it does not have a coil and does not generate heat when energized, the thermal effect on the controlling fluid and ambient environment can be avoided.

  • Filling
  • Cultivation
  • Sorting
  • Biochemical analysis equipment
  • Endoscope related device
  • Physicochemical analysis equipment

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[For biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes]
Simple structure with no heat generation as it is an air operated type. Ideal for single use.

[Easy maintenance]
Tube holder function in the slit where tubes can be easily attached and detached.

[Compatible with a wide range of tubes]
Achieves high sealing load with pneumatic drive.
Compatible with various tubes.

[Supports various processes]
Can also be used in food processing and agricultural sectors.

Model No. Product name Compatible tube O.D. Remarks
HYA-※1Air Operated pinch Valveφ3〜φ6
HYA-※2Air operated Pinch valveφ6〜φ10
HYA-※3Air operated Pinch valveφ10〜φ15

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