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A compact 2-screen 3-color display pressure sensor of □30 mm.
A digital pressure sensor enabling simultaneous confirmation of the current and set pressure values with dual displays, a 3-color display, setting details copy function, 3 mode settings, etc. This fully loaded digital pressure sensor provides ease-of-use and high functionality.
Compatibility for IO-Link will contribute to the IoT of equipment.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (post-process)

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[Direct setting with 2-screen display]
The current pressure is displayed on the main screen and the set pressure on the sub screen.
It allows the set pressure to be changed on the sub screen while watching the current pressure.

【Total Factory Automation with IO-Link】
With IO-Link compatibility, parameters and event data can be transmitted, and predictive maintenance becomes possible. It is ideal for the visualization of pressure and centralized control.

[Low power consumption]
Reduced power by 14% compared to conventional products at normal operation.
The eco mode can be used to reduce the power up to 50%.

[Copy function]
If one master is set for multiple usage, the rest are copied using the copy function.
This reduces procedures and prevents setting errors.

【Oil prohibited gas contact parts】
Ideal for applications that are oil prohibited, such as semiconductors and medical supplies.

Model No. Product name Pressure range (MPa)Port size (R, NPT, G)Analog output Remarks
PPX-R01For low pressure-0.1 to 0.11/8, (M5)-
PPX-R10For high pressure-0.1 to 1.01/8, (M5)-
PPX-R01※HFor low pressure (high-function type)-0.1 to 0.11/8, (M5)4-20 mA/1-5 V
PPX-R10※HFor high pressure (high-function type)-0.1 to 1.01/8, (M5)4-20 mA/1-5 V
PPX-※P12Oil free-0.1 to 0.1 / -0.1 to 1.0R1/8, (M5)4-20 mA/1-5 V

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