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Parallel hands

Low-profile Long stroke hand

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Thin body equipped with a linear guide to enable precision handling with a long stroke.
3 types of stroke can be selected to suit the application.

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[Thin and lightweight with high gripping power]
Achieves high gripping power with a double piston system while being more compact.

[3 types of strokes to choose from]

[Bending resistant lead wire switch is available]
A bending resistant lead wire switch that
prevents disconnections even when used in moving parts can be selected.
(Switch model No: T2HR3, T2VR3)

[Reduced moment of inertia]
In order to remain thin and lightweight, the moment of inertia was reduced, lessening the load on robots.

[Space saving]
The ideal size to suit the workpiece can
be selected.

[No tool changer required]
With a long stroke, one hand is able to handle multiple workpiece models.

Model No. Product name StrokeBore sizePort size Remarks
HLF2Double acting12~24mmΦ8×2, Φ12×2, Φ16×2, Φ20×2M3,M5
HLF2-※-L1Double acting24~48mmΦ8×2, Φ12×2, Φ16×2, Φ20×2M3,M5
HLF2-※-L2Double acting48~96mmΦ8×2, Φ12×2, Φ16×2, Φ20×2M3,M5

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