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Stepper motor drive

Electric Actuator Gripper 2-Finger type

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An electric gripper with a long stroke and thin body.
With gripping positions that can be set arbitrarily, a wide variety of sizes and types of workpieces can be gripped without changing tools. In addition, it is ideal as a robot hand because it is thin. The built-in controller realizes cable savings and is effective for preventing disconnections.

Stroke : 100 mm (one side 50mm), 140 mm (one side 70mm)
Max. gripping force : 300 N (one side)
Weight : 1.2 to 1.7 kg

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[Handles various types of work]
Compatible with industry's longest-class stroke for a wide variety of workpieces. No tools are needed, reducing adjustment time and tool costs.

[Space-saving of equipment]
Industry's thinnest size reducing spindle load and moment of inertia. Contributes to the downsizing of robots.

[For use at robot extremities]
Power and control wiring are completed with a single cable in the IO-Link specification. The controller is built into the actuator, enabling space saving of the control panel. Ideal for mounting at the tip of robots or orthogonal actuators.

Model No. Product name Max. gripping forceStroke Remarks
FFLD-0850NCN30-LK2Gripper 2-Finger type80N (one side)100mm (one side : 50mm)
FFLD-3070NCN30-LKSGripper 2-Finger type300N (one side)140mm (one side : 70mm)

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