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Electric Actuator Gripper 2-Finger type

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【NEW】High speed added
This is a long stroke and thin type of electric gripper that best fits the robot's tip.
Optional grip position allows you to grip a wide variety of workpieces without changing tools.
It's also a slim robot hand.
Built-in controller for cable-saving and wire breaking.

Strokes : 100mm (one-sided 50mm), 140mm (one-sided 70mm), 160 (one-sided 80)
Maximum gripping force : 500N (one side)
Maximum operating speed : 30mm/s (one side)
Mass : 1.2~2.5kg

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[High-speed open/close]
Finger open/close speed is increased to max. 30 mm/s.
Enables reduction of device cycle time.

[Long Stroke & High Stiffness]
The longest strokes in the industry to handle multi-line work.
Reduces time to adjust without changing tools and reduces tool costs.

[Miniaturizing the robot itself]
It contributes to the miniaturization of the robot by reducing the axial load and moment of inertia with the thinnest size in the industry.

[Space-Saving Wiring]
Power and control cabling in the IO-Link specification is completed with one cable.
The controller is built in the actuator and can save the space of the control panel.
It is suitable for mounting on a robot or an orthogonal actuator tip.

Model No. Product name Max. gripping forceMax. operating speedStroke Remarks
FFLD-0850NCN30-LKSR00Gripper 2-Finger type80N (one side)10 mm/s (one side)100mm (one side : 50mm)
FFLD-3070NCN30-LKSR00Gripper 2-Finger type300N (one side)10 mm/s (one side)140mm (one side : 70mm)
FFLD-5080NCN30-LKSR002-Finger Gripper500N (one side)10 mm/s (one side)160mm (one side:80mm)
FFLD-04H50NCN30-LKSR00Gripper 2-Finger type40N (one side)30mm/s (one side)100mm (one side : 50mm)
FFLD-12H70NCN30-LKSR00Gripper 2-Finger type120N (one side)30mm/s (one side)140mm (one side : 70mm)
FFLD-30H70NCN30-LKSR00Gripper 2-Finger type300N (one side)30mm/s (one side)140mm (one side : 70mm)
FFLD-50H80NCN30-LKSR00Gripper 2-Finger type500N (one side)30mm/s (one side)160mm (one side : 80mm)

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