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Universal Robot Certified grippers

Universal Robots certified gripper Compact type

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A compact type that does not interfere with the course of the robot's movements.

Stroke : 18 mm
Gripping force : 42N
Weight : 0.8kg

UR certified pneumatic grippers are customized for Universal Robots' collaborative robots. Easy installation with a dedicated common flange, and tool-less replacement with clamp ring has been realized. The included UR certified plug-in software greatly reduces teaching time. Equipped with an edgeless resin cover and an LED indicator lamp that can be viewed 360° for high safety, it supports all customers incorporating collaborative robots.

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[Can be mounted on a robot in just 2 minutes]
1. Attach the dedicated flange to the robot.
2. Turn the clamp ring to attach the gripper.
3. Connect the wiring connector.
Mounting complete!

[Grippers can be replaced without tools]
With the adoption of a common robot flange to the whole series, change in setup requires only replacing the gripper.
The gripper can be replaced without tools and the simple clamp ring design can be set by hand.

[1/10 the teaching time]
With the dedicated "CKD Pneumatic Gripper" software certified by Universal Robots, the teaching time can be greatly reduced with simple setting procedures and intuitive operation. (A USB memory with software is included with the product.)

[High Safety that supports collaborative work]
High safety is achieved with an edgeless resin cover and a 360° visible indicator lamp.

[Total support for air systems]
An optional directional control valve can be set. In addition, various air components required for driving the gripper are available at CKD.

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RLSHDouble acting

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