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Hand with length measuring sensor

High Durability Components HP Series Linear slide hand with Length measuring function

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High Durability Components HP Series

The LSHM-HP2 is a linear slide parallel hand that incorporates an LVDT sensor for measuring length. In addition to determining minute dimensions of workpieces, it is possible to predict the maintenance of equipment by monitoring output changes such as finger and jig deformations.

HP2 : Predictive Maintenance enabled Hand. Having long life + predictive maintenance.


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[High precision]
Repeatability ±0.02 mm

Analog ouput linearity
With correction adapter: FS±0.5%
Without correction adapter: FS±3%

[Industry’s First Integrated structure]
Adopts an LVDT sensor highly resistant to vibration and impact.

[Selectable output form]
Different output formats are selectable for your application.
NEW:Switch Output Adapter, IO-Link Adapter added.

[Environmental resistance]
The IP65 equivalent amplifier and rubber cover prevent the ingress of cutting chips and water drops.

[Predictive maintenance]
Monitors abnormal wear and deformation of gripping jaws and jigs through changes in output to prevent equipment and robot damage.

Select from 4 types of finger options.

Model No. Product name Bore sizeStroke Remarks
LSHM-A-HP2Double acting / single acting, high durability, long service life(High Durability)φ10 to φ254 to 14
LSHM-G-HP2・LSHM-F-HP2Double acting / with rubber cover, high durability, with length measuring function(High Durability)φ10 to Φ254 to 14

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