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High Durability Components HP Series (Environment Resistant) Round shaped cylinder

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High Durability Components HP Series

NEW : Added food manufacturing process (FP1-G-HP1).
It is a round cylinder with an abundant variation of bore sizes (Φ20 to Φ100). It has a compact design with a short overall length and a very sleek appearance.

G-HP1 : Environment Resistant Cylinder. The durability in dusty environments has been greatly improved with strong scrapers and lube keeping structures.sign is very smart looking with a short overall length.


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[Long life in harsh environments]
More than four times the durability and more than 5 million cycles in a dust-proof environment is realized. (Tests based on our terms and conditions)

[Stable operation in harsh environments]
A test which reproduced a dusty environment was carried out. The durability was confirmed in severe testing.

[Selectable switch mounting]
Select from 2 types, band and rail.
The time for switch position setting during maintenance can be reduced significantly.
Marking shows switch mounting position at a glance. Capable of fine adjustment up to 6 mm in the direction of stroke length.

Model No. Product name Bore size Remarks
SCM-G-HP1Double acting / high durability, environment resistant(High Durability) φ20 to φ100
SCM-G-FP1-HP1Double acting / high durability, environment resistant, products for food manufacturing processes(High Durability)φ20 to φ100

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