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High Durability Components HP Series Small bore size cylinder

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High Durability Components HP Series

NEW : Added Rechargeable battery manufacturing process (P4※-HP1).
This is a general purpose medium bore (Φ20 to Φ25) round cylinder with the tube section made of stainless steel.

HP1 : Long life cylinder. Long life and stable operation were realized by optimizing the sliding parts.


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[Optimized Sliding Section]
Stable operation and long life were realized by the adoption of special compounds for wear resistant packing, the adoption of high frequency grease, and by the optimization of the seal function.

[Long service life]
By optimizing the sliding section, a durability of more than 20 million cycles is realized.

[Stable Operation]
By optimizing the structure of the sliding section, the starting pressure is made constant even in repeated operation frequency.
Since the starting pressure is constant, the operating time is also constant. It contributes to stable operation without frequent stops.

[Same standard dimensions]
It has the same dimensions as standard type Small bore size cylinder CMK2 Series, and can be replaced without changing the design or modifying the facility.

Model No. Product name Bore sizeStroke Remarks
CMK2-HP1Double acting / high durability, long service life(High Durability)Φ20~Φ405~150
CMK2-P4※-HP1Double acting, high durability, for Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing Processes (High Durability)φ20, φ25, φ32, φ40

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