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Horizontal multi-articulated robot

Horizontal multi-articulated robot【Japan only release】

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Discontinued some variations

It is a robot in which its arm moves in the horizontal direction. Suitable for automatic assembly work such as parts insertion and screw tightening. It is used in various situations such as assembly work and palletizing of light weight products. It is a product with high speed and high precision specifications.

You can download 3DCAD data from "2DCAD" on Documents / Download.

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  • Biochemical analysis equipment

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[Optimal for Automatic Assembly Work]
Free motion, corresponds to multi-product production.

[High Speed, Space Saving]
High speed operation, excellent for reducing tact time. Realizes space savings. Higher speeds and shorter tact times than the KHL series.

[Compatible for Sealing Work]
Supports 3D interpolation, suitable for sealing work. More precision work is possible compared to the KHL series.

[Connects to Various Networks]
Options allow for connection to various networks.

Model No. Product name Standard cycle timePosition repeatability Z (3rd axis) Remarks
KHEHigh cycle, high precision specification【Japan only release】0.39s±0.01mm
KSL3000Controller【Japan only release】--
KSL-TP1000Handy terminalDiscontinued
2023 12 28

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