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Stepper motor drive

Electric actuator 2-finger Gripper

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This is a 2-finger electric gripper.
It contributes to the gentle handling of many kinds of work.

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[Reduces the Adjustment Time of Equipment]
A manual mechanism that can be operated without tools is mounted on the front of the body. Finger position adjustment at the time of equipment startup and detachment of the work held by the self-locking mechanism can be done easily.

[More options]
As mounting is compatible with the Air Hand LSH Series, the range of design options is greatly expanded. Optimal handling of a wide variety of workpieces.

[Gentle handling]
Since the speed and pressing current can be set to arbitrary values, it is possible to gently hold the work.

Model No. Product name Max. gripping powerMax. Stroke length Remarks
FLSH-16H106NCN-※※2-finger Gripper type20N6mm
FLSH-20H110NCN-※※2-finger Gripper type42N10mm
FLSH-25H114NCN-※※2-finger Gripper type65N14mm

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