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Stepper motor drive

Electric actuator Table type

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It is a table type electric actuator. Suitable for transporting and positioning workpieces with short strokes.

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【More Space Saving of Equipment】
Since the motor is built into the actuator, there are no projections or folds in the motor assembly. Therefore, space saving of equipment is possible.

【Flexible Production】
Unlike pneumatic cylinders, electric actuators can perform multipoint positioning anywhere. As one actuator can handle the production of various types of products, this contributes to space savings.

【Expanded Options】
The compact design is possible due to the dimensional compatibility with the pneumatic cylinder LCR Series. In addition, since soft starts and soft stops are possible, shock absorbers are not required.

Model No. Product name Stroke lengthMax. operation speedMax. load capacity(Horizontal) Remarks
FLCR-16※※NCN-※※Table type50, 75, 100mm300mm/s3kg
FLCR-20※※NCN-※※Table type50, 75, 100mm300mm/s5kg
FLCR-25※※NCN-※※Table type50, 75, 100mm300mm/s11kg

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