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Stepper motor drive

Electric actuator Rotary type

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It is a rotary type electric actuator.
A wide range of operations is possible such as multipoint positioning of the table and the reverse operation of the held workpiece, etc.

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【Reduces the Adjustment Time of Equipment】
Equipped with a manual mechanism that can be operated without tools.
The rotary table can be easily positioned at startup or when held by the self-locking mechanism.

【Easy Layout Concept】
The layout concept is easy because the center of rotation and the center of the actuator body are coaxial.

【More Space Saving of Equipment】
Since soft starts and soft stops are possible by setting the acceleration / deceleration arbitrarily, no shock absorber is required.

Model No. Product name Max. output torqueMax. Operation angular speed Remarks
FGRC-10360NCN-F※Rotary type0.89N・m200 deg/sConnect to Controller ECR Series
FGRC-30360NCN-F※Rotary type2.71N・m200 deg/sConnect to Controller ECR Series
FGRC-50360NCN-F※Rotary type4.66N・m200 deg/sConnect to Controller ECR Series
FGRC-10G360NCN-F※Rotary type0.89N・m200deg/sConnect to Controller ECG Series
FGRC-30G360NCN-F※Rotary type2.71N・m200deg/sConnect to Controller ECG Series
FGRC-50G360NCN-F※Rotary type4.66N・m200deg/sConnect to Controller ECG Series

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