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Medium Pressure Gas Combination Valve【Japan only release】

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【NEW】A hydrogen gas compatible option is added to the working fluid to guarantee use with hydrogen gas. In order to identify the hydrogen gas line, the dedicated color (red) is used on the bonnet, etc., and the hydrogen nameplate is attached.
The medium pressure (0.3MPa) governor is integrated with the secondary side shut-off valve to significantly reduce pressure loss. Compared with the conventional product (TAC-25), the flow rate at the same differential pressure is increased by 300%! Stable pressure control is realized even at high flow rates.

  • Industrial furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Cooling/heating water machines
  • Methanation equipment
  • Hydrogen extraction equipment

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【High flow, space saving】
Flow rate: about 3 fold
Face to face: 20% reduction
* Ratio compared to our conventional product (TAC-25)

【Medium pressure B】 (up to 0.3 MPa)
Port size: 40A (flange).
Select secondary orifice Ø15, Ø25, Ø40.
Contributes to the stabilization of secondary flow rate.

【Stable operation】
Hydraulic drive, slow open / quick shut.

【Wide pressure adjustment range】 (10kPa to 150kPa)
Stable pressure adjustment is possible even at high flow rates.

【With indicator】
Possible to check valve opening.

POC switch: Confirmation of a reliable valve closing signal is possible.
Pressure gauge (included) .

[Hydrogen gas compatible options]
Guaranteed for use with hydrogen gas.
Contributes to reduction of CO2 emissions by using hydrogen as a fuel gas in the system.

Model No. Product name Secondary side orificeOption Remarks
GRV-1ON-OFF control【Japan only release】Ø15, Ø25, Ø40POC switch, pressure gauge (included) can be selected
GRV-2Pressure reduction control【Japan only release】Ø15, Ø25, Ø40POC switch, pressure gauge (included) can be selected

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