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Active fine buffer

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[NEW] Compatible motor added

The buffer and motor are integrated for an All-in-One rotational alignment and buffering unit.

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【NEW: Compatible motor added】 
A motor equipped with a battery-less absolute sensor has been added. Origin position can be determined without sensor dog.

【Soft Touch/ Low Dust Generation/ Long Service Life】
Adopted magnetic spring buffering mechanism. Pressing force is constant regardless of stroke. There is no metal contact, realizing low dust generation and long service life.

【Runout accuracy is less than 0.01 mm】
Built-in ball shaft realizes runout accuracy of less than 0.01 mm.

【Easy piping】
Vacuum piping from the front of the body makes handling easy.

【Space saving】
Width and pitch are both 20 mm. It is compact, and manifold configuration is possible.

【Prevents stepping out of synchronization】
Adoption of anti-rotation mechanism for bearings and guide grooves.  High-precision shaft runout suppression, and high-precision home return accuracy are achieved.

Model No. Product name Buffer force(N)Stroke length (mm) Remarks
AFB-RBActive fine buffer0.5, 1.03, 6

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