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Pneumatic pressure sensors

Compact electronic pressure switch (pressure switch)

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Compact pressure switch of 15 mm wide. Usage is flexible due to compact shape that uses trimmer setting system, three types of piping connection (R1/8, φ6 plug, φ6 push-in fitting), and dust-proof/waterproof structure.

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[Selectable piping connection method]
φ6 plug
φ6 push-in fitting

[Selectable output]
3-wire type that outputs analog voltage of 1 to 5 V that's proportional to applied pressure (PPE-A series)
2-wire type of ON/OFF output type can be selected. (PPE Series)

[High proof pressure]
Proof pressure of negative pressure type (V01) is as high as 0.6 MPa, so the product can be used for vacuum burst by pressurization.

[Dust-proof / waterproof performance]
It has an IP65 protective structure and can be installed even in places where water gets splashed.

Model No. Product name Pressure range (MPa)Port size (R, φ) Remarks
PPESwitch output (1 point)-0.1 to 1.01/8, 6
PPE-※AAnalog output (1 to 5 V)-0.1 to 1.01/8, 6
PPEV-※AAnalog output (1 to 5 V)-0.1 to 1.0M5, 4, 6For Pilot 3, 5-port valve with pressure sensor 4GB※R Series

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