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FP* Series for Food manufacturing processes Electric actuator Rod with built-in guide type

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FP* Series for food manufacturing processes

[NEW] Added Motor Manufacturer for Support
A motorless specification of an electric actuator that allows you to install and control motors from each manufacturer.
An outer rail system guide is built in which a body and a guide are integrated. It improves radial performance, is more resistant to offset work, and reduces the need for side-by-side guides. It is easy to install, because it allows the top of the body to be mounted.

Maximum portable mass (horizontal): 110kg
Maximum speed: 1600mm/s

FP1 : Food grade lubricant (NSF H1) is used for flow paths and sliding parts.

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Although it is a rod type, it incorporates a wide-ranging guide, "Outer Rail," which is integrated with the body. By improving radial-resistant performance and reducing the need for side-by-side guides, the system contributes to space saving for the equipment.

[Each Motor can be installed]
A bracket is provided that matches the 12 servo motors and the three stepping motors. Combined with your own motors, it is available under familiar control. Each field network is supported.

[Reduction of the installation man-hours]
Direct installation is possible without removing the cover from both upper and lower surfaces. Significantly reduces working time especially when installing from the top.

Model No. Product name Body widthMax. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical) Remarks
EBR-04L-FP1Rod with built-in guide type (food manufacturing processes)44mm20kg5kg
EBR-05L-FP1Rod with built-in guide type (food manufacturing processes)54mm30kg10kg
EBR-08L-FP1Rod with built-in guide type (food manufacturing processes)82mm50kg15kg
EBR-12L-FP1Rod with built-in guide (food manufacturing processes)120mm110kg33kg

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