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An evolutionary linear slide hand with high rigidity, long service life and high accuracy. We achieved a rigidity that is 30% higher and durability 4 times as long as the conventional model. The parallel hand that is oriented to productivity improvements, contributes to reducing the number of exchanges at the worksite such as reproducibility improvements via positioning holes, simple switch exchanges using the rail plate method, etc.
【Bore size】φ6・φ10・φ16・φ20・φ25・φ32mm
【Operating strokes】 
Standard : 4, 6, 10, 14, 22mm
Long stroke : 8, 12, 18, 22mm

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[High rigidity]
Increased amount of overhang
With the improved rigidity of the guide, an increase in the allowable moment has been achieved.

[High precision]
Repeatability of ±0.01mm
High rigidity and high accuracy are realized by the integral structure of the guide rail and finger.

[High degree of design freedom]
Three directions of mounting are possible.

[Long service life]
4 times the durability compared to the conventional model
Optimized packing design. Extreme sliding technology, achieving 4 times the durability than before.

[Reduction of on-site man-hours]
High accuracy positioning of ±0.025mm
With the addition of the positioning hole, the centering accuracy is easily reproduced.
For switch mounting, the rail plate method was adopted. With the rail plate, it is possible to exchange the switch while leaving the hand on the robot/ equipment.

[With rubber cover]
Chloroprene rubber and fluororubber can be selected for the cover material.

Select from 4 types of finger options.

Model No. Product name Remarks
LSH-A-HP1Double acting/single acting without rubber cover
LSH-G-HP1・LSH-F-HP1Double acting/single acting with rubber cover
LSHL-A-HP1Double acting long stroke length without rubber cover
LSHL-G-HP1・LSHL-F-HP1Double acting long stroke length with rubber cover

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