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Pneumatic pressure sensors

Contact confirmation switch (Gap switch)

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It is an air sensor used to confirm the workpiece seating and clamping contacts. A modular unit has been realized by incorporating a joiner connection structure, and the body strength has been increased by using aluminum die-cast.

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[High stability]
Air bridge circuit prevents the effect of fluctuations in the supply pressure. Also, the sensitivity can be easily adjusted with the scale on the sensitivity adjustment dial.

[Gap switch principle drawing]
Operational explanation: The air pressurized into port P passes through orifice R1 and R2 of the air bridge circuit, and flows to the nozzles on the comparison side and on the detection side. When the detection side nozzle clearance becomes smaller than the clearance set with the adjustment dial in the comparison side nozzle, a back pressure reverses and presses up the diaphragm. This activates the proximity switch and generates an electric signal.

[Energy saving / Environment conditions]
The air consumption rate can be suppressed since this can be used with a working pressure of 0.03 MPa.
The product can also be used in environments where water, etc., may splash, as it has degree of protection IP67 (connector) equivalent.

Model No. Product name Orifice sizeWorking pressure (kPa)Detection range (mm) Remarks
GPS2-※Single unitφ0.5, φ0.730 to 200, 50 to 2000.03 to 0.25, 0.03 to 0.4
MGPS2-※Manifoldφ0.5, φ0.730 to 200, 50 to 2000.03 to 0.25, 0.03 to 0.4
UGPS2-※Unitφ0.5, φ0.730 to 200, 50 to 2000.03 to 0.25, 0.03 to 0.4

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