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Desiccant air dryer (Heatless dryer)

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This is a heatless dryer of the pressure reduction self-regenerating system which does not use heat for regeneration of the desiccant. Reduces unnecessary purge by dew point monitoring/significantly reduces noise during switching.


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[Reduces unnecessary purge by dew point monitoring]
By directly monitoring the outlet air dew point, the switching time of adsorption and regeneration can be variably controlled in response to changes in the dew point.
Reduces purge and achieves optimal energy-saving operation.

[Significantly reduces noise when switching]
The 2-stage exhaust system (patent pending) achieves a significant noise reduction of about 35 dB (A) as compared with conventional products.

[Directly manages pressure dew point using numeric values]
Equipped as standard with a dew point sensor.
Digitally displays the pressure dew point so the performance can be confirmed securely and reliably.

[Stainless steel tower adopted]
Non-corrosive stainless steel vessel is used for the desiccant cylinder to improve the supply air quality and reliability.

[Easy maintenance]
The desiccant cylinder can be easily removed by rotating it by 45°.
The cylinder can be locked by latch mechanism, taking safety into account.

Model No. Product name Flow rate classification Remarks
SHDDesiccant2.5 m3/min to 24 m3/min (ANR)

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