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High polymer membrane air dryer

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High-tech dryer using high polymer membrane. Freon-free / power supply unnecessary / low dew point equivalent to that of desiccant realized.


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[Freon-free / electricity-free]
Freon-free, which is ozone safe.
Electricity-free means it does not use electricity at all.

[Space saving / simple installation]
Lighter, more compact, and easily built into installations.

Model No. Product name Remarks
SD※00ECompact low purge (purge rate 10%)
SU※300EUnit / compact low purge (purge ratio 10%)
SD※00DCompact general purpose (purge ratio 20%)
SU※00DUnit / compact general purpose (purge ratio 20%)
SD※000Low dew point
SU※000Unit / low dew point
SDM4000Modular / large flow rate

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