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Standard cylinders

Pencil shaped cylinder

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The lightest miniature series with the smallest bore size (φ6 to φ16) among general purpose cylinders. Space saving with compact standard switch ”T Series”. Compatible with the discontinued conventional product SCP*2 Series.


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[Compact design]
Miniature bore size φ6, φ10, φ16.
Total length is also short in pursuit of compactness.

[Compact cylinder switch keeps it even smaller]
Height is reduced by half with compact cylinder switch ”T Series”.

Model No. Product name Bore size Remarks
SCPD3Double acting / single rodφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPSSingle acting / pushφ2.5, φ4
SCPS3Single acting / pushφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPH3Single acting / pullφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPD3-TDouble acting / heat resistanceφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPD3-※CDouble acting / rubber-air cushionedφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPD3-FDouble acting / fine speedφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPD3-ODouble acting / low speedφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPD3-DDouble acting / double rodφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPS3-MSingle acting / rotation-stopφ10, φ16
SCPD3-MDouble acting / rotation-stopφ10, φ16
SCPD3-V[Custom order product] Double acting / with valveφ10, φ16
SCPS3-V[Custom order product] Single acting / with valveφ10, φ16
SCPD3-K[Custom order product] Double acting / with high loadφ6, φ10, φ16
SCPD3-Z[Custom order product] Double acting / with speed controllerφ10, φ16
SCPD3-DT[Custom order product] Double acting / double / rod / heat resistanceφ6, φ10, φ16

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