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Solenoid valves for various fluids

Outdoor use WP Series Pilot kick 2-port solenoid valve (General purpose valve)

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Outdoors W Series

【NEW】 Outdoor Products WP Series Pilot Kick 2-Pport Solenoid Valve (General- purpose valve) Temperature specifications and options have been enhanced for entire ADK Series.

Pilot kick 2-port diaphragm drive solenoid valve compatible with a variety of fluids. It can be used with differential pressure 0 and supports various applications through material selection.


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[Low temperature use]
Minimum ambient temperature -20°C compatible products

[Guarantees durability for outdoor use]
Compound cycle test (JIS H8502:1999) 960 hours cleared.
Ozone exposure test (JIS D0205:1987) 400 hours cleared

[Envisioning Harsh Environments]
Weather resistance is improved by using metal for the resin parts of general-purpose items.

[Ideal for applications that take a long time to operate]
3-year warranty product as an option

[Supports multiple fluids]
The body and sealant material can be selected to support various fluids.

Compatible with various applications by combining a variety of coil options.

[Differential pressure 0 actuation]
Pilot kick which actuates even at differential pressure 0.

Model No. Product name Port size (Rc, NPT, G)Ambient temperature Remarks
ADK11-DW2-port valveRc1/2, 3/4 1-20℃~60℃
ADK11-EW2-port valveRc1/2, 3/4 1-10℃~60℃
ADK21-DW2-port valveRc11/4, 11/2, 2 32, 40, 50F-20℃~60℃
ADK21-EW2-port valveRc11/4, 11/2, 2 32, 40, 50F-10℃~60℃

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