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Pilot operated 3, 4, 5-port solenoid valves

WP Series for Outdoors Pneumatic valve

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Outdoors WP Series

[NEW] Added model of outdoor specification 5-port valve 4F-W Series. The ambient temperature has been enhanced with conventional models.

Terminal box lid has a rugged sealing structure. IP 65 is certified. With a seal coating, water, etc., is completely prevented from entering the device.
[Cylinder bore size: φ6 to φ250]


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[Low temperature use]
Minimum ambient temperature -20°C compatible products
(4F2,3 series)

[Ideal for applications that take a long time to operate]
Warranty of up to 3 years (Option*)

[Long service life / high reliability]
Ensures durability and reliability comparable to metal spool valve.

[Effective regardless of frequency of use]
High frequency use is made possible by adopting a special spool structure.
No problem with operating after being out of use, and demonstrates excellent function even for infrequent use.

[No coil burn / lock phenomena]
Adopts a proprietarily developed special soft spool method, and eliminates coil burning and lock which were the cause of 90% of problems or more in the past.

[OK even in adverse environments]
There is no malfunction due to clogging in dusty environments as common exhaust for vent hole and PE port is adopted.

Model No. Product name Port sizeAmbient temperature range Remarks
4F2※0-WSingle valve (Outdoor use)1/4-10℃~60℃
4F2※0-WCSingle Valve (Outdoor type)1/4-20℃~60℃
4F3※0-WSingle valve (Outdoor use)1/4, 3/8-10℃~60℃
4F3※0-WCSingle Valve (Outdoor type)1/4, 3/8-20℃~60℃
4F4※0-WSingle Valve (Outdoor type)1/4, 3/8-10℃~60℃
4F5※-WSingle Valve (Outdoor type)3/8, 1/2-10℃~60℃
4F6※-WSingle Valve (Outdoor type)1/2, 3/4-10℃~60℃
4F7※-WSingle Valve (Outdoor type)3/4, 1-10℃~60℃

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