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FP* Series for Food manufacturing processes Oil mist filter

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FP* Series for food manufacturing processes

Effectively removes oil and oil mist from pneumatic lines.
As an option, a differential pressure switch can be selected to notify of the element replacement period.

FP1 : Food grade lubricant (NSF H1) is used for flow paths and sliding parts.


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[Efficiently removes oil content]
Ideal for circuits susceptible to oil, including measuring and instrumentation circuits.
Port size: Rc1/8 to 1

【With differential pressure switch】
Notifies of the reduction in air cleanliness, which is one cause of breakdowns, and short service life of components on the secondary side caused due deteriorated elements.
The replacement period can be checked by a switch and indicator.

【Timing of the Element Replacement Notification】
The option with differential pressure switch will allow the user to schedule element replacements through notifications in stages (recommended replacement/ replacement required).

Model No. Product name Port size (Rc, NPT, G) Remarks
M1000-W-FP1Oil mist filter (food manufacturing processes)1/8, 1/4
M2000-W-FP1Oil mist filter (food manufacturing processes)1/4, 3/8
M3000-W-FP1Oil mist filter (food manufacturing processes)1/4, 3/8
M4000-W-FP1Oil mist filter (food manufacturing processes) 3/8, 1/2
M6000-W-FP1Oil mist filter (food manufacturing processes)3/4, 1
M8000-W-FP1Oil mist filter (food manufacturing processes)3/4, 1

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