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Fulcrum hands

FP* Series for Food manufacturing processes Feather hand (mini-fulcrum hand)

Model No.

FP* Series for food manufacturing processes

Lightweight, small, and compact.
[Open / close angle] -5° to 20°
FP1 : Food grade lubricant (NSF H1) is used for flow paths and sliding parts.


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[Integrated compact body]
Cylinder integrated structure adopted, realizing simplicity.

[Open / close confirmation switch]
2 proximity switches can be installed.

Model No. Product name OptionBore sizePort size Remarks
FH5※0-D-FP1Double acting (food manufacturing processes)-φ10, φ12, φ16, φ20M3, M5
FH5※0-O-FP1Single acting (normally open) (food manufacturing processes)-φ10, φ12, φ16, φ20M3, M5
FH5※0-Z-FP1Double acting (food manufacturing processes)Integrated speed controllerφ10, φ12, φ16, φ20M3, M5

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