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P4 * Series for rechargeable battery manufacturing process Electric actuator

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P4* Series for rechargeable battery manufacturing processes

[NEW] Added Motor Manufacturer for Support
A motorless specification of an electric actuator that allows you to install and control motors from each manufacturer. The ball screw drive type helps the optimal design with a wide range of sizes and multi-axis specifications. The size of 12 or more has two linear guides built in, and is especially rigid.

Maximum portable mass (horizontal): 150kg
Maximum speed: 2000mm/s

P4:The use of copper, zinc, and nickel-based materials and electrolytic nickel plating is limited in the construction of the flow path part and sliding part.


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[Rich Lineup]
8-size wide lineup
Choose from lightweight to heavy work.
 Maximum portable mass: 150kg
 Maximum stroke: 1500mm
 Maximum speed: 2000mm/s

[Each Motor can be installed]
A bracket is provided that matches the 13 servo motors and the three stepping motors. Combined with your own motors, it is available under familiar control. Each field network is supported.

[Easy Maintenance]
The optional grease nipple can be supplied directly from the outside. with no decomposition of the body Maintenance of guides and ball screws.

Model No. Product name Max. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical)Max. speed Remarks
ETS-05-M-P4Body width 51mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)10kg7kg500mm/s
ETS-06-M-P4Body width 65mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)30kg15kg500mm/s
ETS-10-P4Body width 102mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)50kg12kg1000mm/s
ETS-12-P4Body width 102mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)50kg12kg1000mm/s
ETS-13-P4Body width 135mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)70kg17kg1000mm/s
ETS-14-P4Body width 135mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)110kg33kg1000mm/s
ETS-17-P4Body width 170mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)120kg50kg2000mm/s
ETS-22-P4Body width 220mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)150kg55kg2000mm/s
ETS-05-P4Body width 51mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)10kg7kg500mm/sDiscontinued
2018 12 28
ETS-06-P4Body width 65mm (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)30kg15kg500mm/sDiscontinued
2018 12 28

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