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Solenoid valves for dedicated fluids

Pilot operated 2-port solenoid valve for compressed air

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Compact pilot operated solenoid valve for compressed air control. Ideal for air blowing applications and contributes to environment-friendly equipment and systems.

  • Dental equipment
  • Inspection
  • Jig related

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[Low power consumption]
Energy saving actuator with 0.6 W power consumption, PC direct drive possible.

[Large flow rate]
Control of large flow rate with pilot operated diaphragm drive.

[Compact and lightweight]
Smaller with the use of a large flow rate compatible diaphragm and fitting, and lighter weight with a resin body.

Mounted on manifold and air unit CXU to accommodate device integration.

Model No. Product name Port sizeWorking pressure (MPa) Remarks
EXA-C※Resin body with push-in fittingWith φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12 push-in fitting0.01 to 0.7
EXA-※AAluminum body screw-in connectionRc1/4, 3/80.01 to 0.7

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