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Integrated unit for water control

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Integrated unit that integrates the flow sensor and valve in cooling water circulation circuits. It greatly reduces the tiresome piping work around water and reduces the footprint by 80% to contribute to system space saving.

  • Physicochemical analysis equipment

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[Reduced footprint]
Integrated manifold with flow rate sensor and valve unitized and without piping for a substantially reduced footprint.

[Work-hour reduction]
Through unit shipment, design, procurement, piping work, and inspection hours can be greatly reduced.

[High quality]
The risk of external leakage is reduced by significantly reducing screw-in connections.

[Ease of use]
Air purge compatible unit (WXU-P type) available, compatible with various cooling circuits.

Compatible with various applications through selection of flow rate sensor (Karman vortex, solenoid) and valve (manual, air operated).

Model No. Product name Remarks
WXU-HManual valve
WXU-HCManual valve, solenoid flow meter type
WXU-JAir operated valve
WXU-PAir purge compatible unit

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