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Automatic watering control systems

Automatic watering controller

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Discontinued some variations

Solenoid valve controller for watering. Usable for various applications ranging from protected horticulture to golf courses and facility greening. Supports power supply according to applications such as solar type, commercial power supply, battery etc.

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Solar type, commercial power supply, or battery can be selected for power supply according to the application.

Model No. Product name Channel No. Remarks
RSC-S5Solar (solar battery) type6CH
RSC-GCommercial power supply type6CH
RSC-1WPBattery type1CH
RSC-2WPBattery type2CH
RSC-S5-DPAutomatic watering contorollerDiscontinued
2016 04 30
RSC-S5-※DPCommercial power supply typeDiscontinued
2011 09 30
RSC-W-2WPWireless watering controllerDiscontinued
2019 12 27
Old Catalog
2019 12 27
Old Catalog
RSC-W-MCentral controllerDiscontinued
2019 12 27
Old Catalog
RSC-2WP-ANInternet optionDiscontinued
2019 12 27

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