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Automatic watering control systems

Solenoid valve for automatic watering

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Solenoid valve for automatic watering using a metal body. Usable for various applications ranging from protected horticulture to golf courses and facility greening.

  • Solenoid valve

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Adoption of waterproof molded coil also supports outdoor installation and temporary submersion.

Stable operation with self-cleaning filter to prevent clogging of pilot flow path.

Reduction of piping load by low water hammer due to optimized valve closing.

[Energy saving]
Battery control including batteries is also possible with latch (option) selection.

[Ease of use]
Flow rate adjustment mechanism and manual operation mechanism are installed as standard, so adjustment and test runs are easy.

Model No. Product name Working pressure range (MPa)Port size Remarks
RSV-20APilot operated/diaphragm0.03 to 1.0Rc3/4
RSV-25APilot operated/diaphragm 0.03 to 1.0Rc1
RSV-32APilot operated/diaphragm0.03 to 1.0Rc1 1/4
RSV-40APilot operated/diaphragm0.03 to 1.0Rc1 1/2
RSV-50APilot operated/diaphragm0.03 to 1.0Rc2
RSV-65APilot operated/diaphragm0.05 to 1.0Rc2 1/2
RSV-80APilot operated/diaphragm0.05 to 1.0Rc3
RSV-40FPilot operated/diaphragm0.03 to 1.0Flange 40
RSV-50FPilot operated/diaphragm0.03 to 1.0Flange 50
RSV-65FPilot operated/diaphragm0.05 to 1.0Flange 65
RSV-80FPilot operated/diaphragm0.05 to 1.0Flange 80
RSV-100FPilot operated/diaphragm0.05 to 1.0Flange 100 (custom order product)

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