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Rodless cylinders

High precision guided rodless cylinder

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High precision rodless cylinder (φ12 to φ25) with integrated high precision 1-axis linear guide. Perfect for accurate conveyors for small parts.


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[Compact and high-precision]
The compact guided rodless cylinder has an SRL3 Series body with a high precision 1-axis guide installed on the side.

[Low-profile design is possible]
The original flat rodless cylinder structure has a table in a very low position and thus enables you to design a thin system.
The stroke length is common between this cylinder and SRL3 Series. Therefore they are dimensionally interchangeable.

[Common port]
A common port (one-side piping) or standard port (both sides piping) can be selected according to the installation location.
Downsizing of equipment realized.

Model No. Product name Bore size (mm)Standard stroke length (mm) Remarks
SRG3Double actingφ12 equiv., φ16 equiv., φ20 equiv., φ25 equiv.200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

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