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Clamp cylinders

Clamp cylinder

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Cylinder dedicated for clamp in which rod eyes and clamp bracket can be selected as options in clevis mounting.
Variations including anti-spatter adherence type (G4) and type with cylinder switch for strong magnetic field can be selected.

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[Selectable switch mounting]
Selectable from tie rod mounting method and band mounting method.

[Switch mounting position is clear at a glance]
Band mounting has marking on the switch rail for mounting it at the max. sensitivity position, so the time for position setting of switch at stroke end can be reduced significantly. (Excluding 2-color display and strong magnetic field proof)

[Capable of free rotation of switch]
Just by loosening the fixing screw, the switch rail can be rotated freely to the circumference direction without changing the position of the band fixing section.

[Fixing screw fallout prevention]
The rubber for preventing slip is attached inside the band.

Model No. Product name Bore size (mm)Standard stroke length (mm) Remarks
CAC4Double acting / single rodφ40, φ50, φ63, φ8050, 75, 100, 150
CAC4-G4Double acting / anti-spatter adherenceφ40, φ50, φ63, φ8050, 75, 100, 150

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