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Clamp cylinders

Clamp cylinder with position locking

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A position locking clamp cylinder has been developed with attention to equipment maintenance. The new swash plate mechanism locks the rod when the air supply is stopped to prevent the load from falling in the event of power failures or accidents. In addition, the position locking mechanism acts as a one-way lock that allows the rod to be moved in the opposite direction to facilitate the emergency removal of workpieces, etc.

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[Lockable at any point throughout full stroke length]
Locking can be at any point throughout the full stroke length, including the stroke end, with the piston rod still.

[2 types of lock direction]
Either forward lock or backward lock can be selected.
Reverse direction is free due to the one-way lock.
The rod moves in the free direction even when gripping the workpiece, allowing it to be removed.

[Reliable position locking mechanism]
The new swash plate lock mechanism enables position locking in free positions.

[Selectable switch mounting]
Selectable from tie rod mounting method and band mounting method.

Model No. Product name Bore size (mm)Standard stroke length (mm) Remarks
UCAC2Double acting/single rodφ50, φ6350, 75, 100, 150

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