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Clamp cylinders

Rotary clamp cylinder

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The rotary clamp mechanism is incorporated into a square, space saving cylinder. Ideal for clamping small workpieces such as electronic components.

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[Two guide grooves and roller]
Two guide grooves are provided on all bore sizes to improve the wear resistance of the grooves.
Rollers are attached to the guide pins (φ32 to φ50).

[Space saving/square shape]
Compact design with thin cylinder as base.

[All bore size switches mountable]
Reed / proximity / strong magnetic field proof switches, etc. mountable.

Model No. Product name Bore size (mm)Stroke length (mm) Remarks
RCC2Double acting / single rodφ16, φ20, φ25, φ32, φ40, φ50, φ6317.5, 27.5
RCC2-G4Double acting Anti-spatter adherenceφ20, φ25, φ32, φ40, φ50, φ6321, 25, 31, 35, 40, 70

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